„Our vision? To celebrate migration everywhere, anywhere, at all times!“


Younited Cultures celebrates migration through storytelling accessories. These are not just products, but stories about the beauty of cultures. Discover the people and the values behind the products and let’s make visible the positive side of migration!

Migrant, European or maybe Austrian?

Migration brings value to every culture. In this time of the coronavirus me and my family are living in Austria and yes, the chancellor of Austria has been often criticised for referring only to Austrians in his speeches. And no, it doesn’t bother me. As an immigrant in Austria but a born and raised European,…

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Gifts for employees. Gifts with meaning.

“CELEBRATE MIGRATION” SOCKS! You are proud of the diversity of your company and you want to show it to your employees? Then you have come to the right place. The diversity socks are the answer. A colorful statement with a positive effect! Your advantages: You show the appreciation of your diverse employees They contribute to…

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A migrant’s role in society. A Bulgarian perspective.

How does a migrant impact society? How do you see yourself as a migrant in Austria? This whole idea as a migrant… I don’t see myself as migrant in that sense. I do have this strong sense of migrant identity if you wish, whatever that means. For example I find the question “where are you…

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I fell in love with this culture and country.

Who were you before you moved to Austria? My name is Khurram Iftikhar and I was born in Pakistan. I spent my childhood in a small village coexisting with nature and cultural norms. As I was always inspired by creativity  I chose electronics engineering as my career and successfully graduated in 2009.During my studies,i got…

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I am Andra.I am Romanian. I am a migrant.

Who am I? Society today, worldwide, points to many definitions of who we are: migrants 1st generation, 2nd generation, people with a migrant background, refugees, foreigners, expats- we are all reduced to definitions, demographics and statistics. I am often asked the question by journalists “When do you feel like a migrant?” and the answer is…

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I never quite had a home anywhere

My family has been quite nomadic for generations. I am mostly Pontic Greek (a trip of Greeks that used to live in Turkey before they were driven out 100 years ago) on my fathers side. My mothers side contributed some German and Prussian elements, but I understand that in the 70’ies they already had a…

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Vienna is my Alma Mater

“I was a young girl with a big dream: to see the world beyond its Romanian borders. Ever since I was 2-3 years old and first heard about America, Germany and England (yes, we used to call it England, not the UK), I wanted to be there, and not where I was at the time:…

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An Austrian family gave us hope

I was born in a small eastern Bosnian town named Zvornik into a big family with lots of children, countless uncles and aunts who were all held together by the good soul of my grandmother. Memories of happiness, closeness and innocence mark that magical period in my life. In my hometown I attended primary school…

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Tomorrow you will get your VISA

“Please bring your passport tomorrow to get your visa” Someone from the other side of the telephone was telling me something which I had been waiting to hear for quite some time. On 1st October, 2011 it was a call from the Austrian Embassy in Islamabad and they had finally decided to give me visa…

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