"Unsere Vision? Kulturelle Vielfalt zu feiern und zu leben- Überall und zu jeder Zeit!"


Bei Younited Cultures geht es nicht nur um die Produkte, sondern um all die Menschen dahinter. Dieser Blog erzählt all die Geschichten die wir auf unserem Weg hierher kennenlernen durften – einzigartige Migrations- und Erfolgsgeschichten, Ansichten und Erzählungen.

Tomorrow you will get your VISA

“Please bring your passport tomorrow to get your visa” Someone from the other side of the telephone was telling me something which I had been waiting to hear for quite some time. On 1st October, 2011 it was a call from the Austrian Embassy in Islamabad and they had finally decided to give me visa…

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My parents are my role models

“Everyday is my favorite moment. When I am in Turkey though, I miss Vienna a lot. I miss Kärtnerstrasse! And not for the shopping, but for the flair and atmosphere. I love Vienna! My father came here as a guest worker. Later my mom, my grandparents followed. Until they could find a flat, they had…

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We created a wonderful crowd-sourced poem

„My best moment in Austria was in June, this year, at TEDxDonauinsel. I was attending the event as a speaker, talking about what makes my heart beat. At the end of my talk I asked the audience to write down on a piece of paper: what makes their heart beat. Out of those words, ranging…

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Liebe is international

(English) I have a Russian name but I was born and raised in Tyrol. My grandmother was Italian. During the First World War she was working, because back then women needed to work. She didn’t speak a word of German and then she met my grandfather in Innsbruck, who was an Austrian soldier in the war. They couldn’t speak to each other but they fell in love. Love is international....

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I started from zero

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