(Deutsch) We were most generously invited to stay with an Austrian family
Azra Migrantin Österreich Serbien integration

An Austrian family gave us hope

I was born in a small eastern Bosnian town named Zvornik into a big family with lots of children, countless uncles and aunts who were all held together by the good soul of my grandmother. Memories of happiness, closeness and innocence mark that magical period in my life.

In my hometown I attended primary school (8 years). Shortly after I had started with the first class of high school the war in my home country ended my childhood and tore our big family apart. My father, mother and my sister were lucky enough to escape with not more than our lives. We were most generously invited to stay with an Austrian family who taught us what empathy, generosity, selflessness and humanity in general meant. They gave us everything we needed and perhaps most importantly hope and strength to go on with our lives.

I studied international business administration at the University of Vienna and I am now the managing director of a small company dealing with energy trading. My family consisting of my husband, my 4 year old son and myself lives in the 22nd Viennese district and consider this place our only and beloved home.

Azra, 37 years old, considers Vienna her only home