„Our vision? To celebrate migration everywhere, anywhere, at all times!“


Younited Cultures celebrates migration through storytelling accessories. These are not just products, but stories about the beauty of cultures. Discover the people and the values behind the products and let’s make visible the positive side of migration!

Austria reminds me of Peru

“Being an immigrant is not always everything great, you have of course challenges. The main thing to consider is to have your motivation clear: why you are coming here, what you would like to do later on. Secondly, if you want to get involved with locals, join voluntary associations: you can meet people and do…

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Love is international

I have a Russian name but I was born and raised in Tyrol. My grandmother was Italian. During the First World War she was working, because back then women needed to work. She didn’t speak a word of German and then she met my grandfather in Innsbruck, who was an Austrian soldier in the war. They couldn’t speak to each other but they fell in love. Love is international....

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I started from zero

I don’t consider myself a migrant. Vienna feels like the right place. Last year on my birthday I really felt like this is home for me. I was surrounded by amazing people and I had this realization that I managed to build a whole life for myself here, in a short time....

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