Fabric silk / Printing method digital printing / Made In Italy

Details All seasons scarf.

Dimensions 160cm x 30cm

“Roma Thara” Scarf

The scarf’s story

The design was inspired by eight personal Roma migration stories. The three main colors stand for one’s own past, for the present and for the connection to their own culture. The red lines symbolize the kinship connections that occur between the different Roma families. The red circles represent traditional Roma families, whereas newer generations are pictures trough green circles. As a pattern, the design pictures the Roma society as it is today – colorful with a new image and identity.

The scarf was designed by Iulia Mugescu and produced in Italy at Lake Como.

The Roma story in a nutshell
The Roma are among the first migrants worldwide. Due to decades of discrimination, oppression, and lack of opportunities, the Roma society is today marked by a negative image. Younited Cultures has set itself on the path to break stereotypes and to make the fascinating and extremely complex Roma culture visible.

Design brief

This society is constantly developing and the colors that have been selected for the scarf, stand for their life prospects. The red lines symbolize the kinship connections that occur between the different Roma families. These are reflected in the scarf through the colorful circles. The connections form a vibrant social layer, which is characterized by the preservation of certain traditions. The red circles represent the traditional Roma family , while the new generations are represented by green circles. Behind every circle a story is hidden, which we sincerely invite you to discover, to learn more about the Roma to learn identity .


A big thank you to Gilda Horvath, Sasa Barbul, Nina Barbul, Milos Pisar, Jovanovic Milos, Sonja Barbul, Usnija Buligovic and Gordana Djordjevic for their inspirational stories and that we could share them with you. The scarf was produced in Italy at Lake Como. Design Iulia Mugescu