Adela Kuliga, Poland

founder, networker,mentor, migrant

Dare to connect with cultures!

ADELA’S STORY in a nutshell

Adela grew up in the heart of the Polish mountains. More than just a source of amazement, the high peaks, strong and stable, helped shape an ambitious and energetic character.

In her early twenties, Adela followed her heart to Austria to join her fiancé, while leaving behind her family, friends, and career. Resilient by nature, Adela did not allow the inconveniences of searching for a job to break her spirit or her commitment to having a good life. Instead, she decided to help others in her position. Her goal: generate better career opportunities for all immigrants and bring innovation to the Austrian labor market.

Gathering all her past experiences, skills, and knowledge she founded Networking Youth Career.

Today, Adela is a strong pillar in the Austrian society and job market. Her empathy, turned into the largest fair for young migrants, impacting over 2000 people every year engaged with the CareerFAiR and other smaller events connected to this cause. Her impact was recognized, amongst others, by the MiA Award in 2014.


“Adela’s design was strongly inspired by the hospitable character of her culture but also the femininity and ambition she transmits. Her dynamic character and strength are defined by the emphasized lines. Her generosity and hospitality are pictured through playful shapes. The color white was chosen as a base color to fit the scarf to all situations of Adela’s diverse life, business, and casual.” Designer Gina Drewes.

The flowers on the scarf underline her origin, her heritage, her close connection, and the love for her country. At the same time, these flowers bridge some of the most important moments in her life while holding true to her 4 most significant life values: family, friends, career, and health. Everywhere she goes, no matter what challenges she faces, Adela finds strength in the memories of her country.  


The design was hand-drawn by Gina Drewes and it took 10 hours to visualize it. Adela chose her scarf to be printed on silk material and it was printed in Imst, Austria. 


The Scarf in Action