Andra Weiss, Romania

founder YC, networker, mentor, migrant

You should travel the world and admire the differences between cultures. Then you will feel the desire to celebrate a place like Vienna.


I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2014 when I wanted to bring the idea of Younited Cultures to life. The thought that I would ever be an entrepreneur was very far away from me. But I dared to do so and since then I have been living a life that I have always wanted to live. I love to meet new people and at the same time help people with a migration background to enter the job market and promote migrant role models. I love to tell their success stories and at the same time to make others aware of the positive aspects of their cultural background. My motto in life: “Changing the world is my profession“.

I am dedicated to the fight against discrimination and to promoting the positive side of migration. At the same time, I am involved in many other organizations and projects in the field of project & event management, marketing, and communication.

“Andra always shows you the bright side, no matter what part of the world you come from.” Iulia Berger-Mugescu


The “Celebrate Migration” scarf is the perfect way for a modern person to raise awareness of the positive aspects of migration on beautiful summer days. The squares show the uniqueness of each culture and their combination creates a harmonious and dynamic pattern.

“On the “Celebrate Migration” scarf, my color is yellow. As co-founder of YC, I wanted a color that evokes elegance, pride, light. Yellow stands for sunshine and spring, just like my experience as a migrant in Austria: a gradual adaptation and change, which I enjoyed very much. It has inspired me and enabled me to work for others, for others who have not had such good experiences on the path of integration”.

The Younited Cultures “Celebrate Migration” design was created by Iulia and Andra and was sustainably printed in Italy, at Lake Como.