Andra Weiss, Romania

founder YC, networker, mentor, migrant

You should travel the world and admire the differences between cultures. Then you will feel the desire to celebrate a place like Vienna.

The “Celebrate Migration” scarf is the perfect way for a modern wo|man to raise awareness towards the positive side of migration on beautiful summer days. The squares show the uniqueness of each culture, coming together into a harmonious and dynamic pattern when combined.

On the scarf, my color is yellow. As the initial founder of YC, I wanted a color that stood out with elegance, clarity and that is bright, luminous. Just as yellow stands for sunshine and spring, so is my experience as an immigrant in Austria: a welcomed change which developed into a source of empowerment and creativity.

I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2014. I never thought I’d be an entrepreneur, but now that I am, I am living the life I always wanted. One of my favorite things is meeting great new people every day and in the process help other immigrants like myself. I like to tell their success stories and help them see the bright side. My motto is “I change the world for a living” due to having dedicated myself to fighting discrimination. Beside loving every second of my work, I am also a mentor in a few programs helping other migrants and refugees to integrate on the job market.

“Andra always shows you the bright side, no matter what part of the world you come from.” Iulia Mugescu-Berger