Fabric Cotton and silk / Printing method digital printing / Made In Italy

Details All seasons scarf.
For orders from Vienna, we deliver personally.

Dimensions 60cm x 160cm

Andra Slaats, Romania

The “Celebrate Migration” scarf is the perfect way for a modern wo|man to raise awareness towards the positive side of migration on beautiful summer days. The squares show the uniqueness of each culture, coming together into a harmonious and dynamic pattern when combined.

On the scarf, my color is yellow. As the initial founder of YC, I wanted a color that stood out with elegance, clarity and that is bright, luminous. Just as yellow stands for sunshine and spring, so is my experience as an immigrant in Austria: a welcomed change which developed into a source of empowerment and creativity.

I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2014. I never thought I’d be an entrepreneur, but now that I am, I am living the life I always wanted. One of my favorite things is meeting great new people every day and in the process help other immigrants like myself. I like to tell their success stories and help them see the bright side. My motto is “I change the world for a living” due to having dedicated myself to fighting discrimination. Beside loving every second of my work, I am also a mentor in a few programs helping other migrants and refugees to integrate on the job market.

“Andra always shows you the bright side, no matter what part of the world you come from.” Iulia Mugescu

Andra’s Story

You should travel the world and admire the differences between cultures. Then you will feel the desire to celebrate a place like Vienna, where all these cultures come together peacefully.

Andra had her path to success set in Romania, starting with her years at the Faculty of Modern Applied Languages in Sibiu. She loved studying French and English but had no attraction towards the German language. She was taken by surprise when, out of all the possibilities, she fell in love with an Austrian. They met the first time in Romania and, not more than one year later, they were set for a new life in Vienna. For Andra, this was exciting but at the same time very challenging, having left her family and friends back in Romania. The first year in Vienna was a struggle to learn the language, find her way in the new society she moved into and get a good job, suitable for her academic background and her passion. However, surrounded by a great Austrian group of friends, Andra adjusted very well to the new life. After building her way up through night shifts and a limited offer of fulfilling jobs in the service industry, Andra acquired the precious asset of speaking German. Then, the time had come to follow her passion, as she had been waiting for. Doors opened to better career opportunities, but a new series of challenges surprisingly arose. Andra started to fight prejudice against her cultural background at work, but she still found the motivation to perform in her corporate day-to-day tasks. Wanting to rethink her path, the turning point came during a visit in China. It set off to be one like many other international business trips she had taken during those 6 years. However, seeing first handed the life conditions for workers in Asia raised an alarm signal. After that, Andra reshaped her life, leaving behind the career as an export manager and looking for ways to bring more sustainability in today’s world. In 2013, she refocused on discovering social entrepreneurship and started an MBA in sustainable development. Her desire to ease the lives of immigrants and to remove the prejudice she had faced as well, led her to the idea of Younited Cultures: to show real stories of what successful migrants achieve in the Austrian society. Passionate about fashion and beauty, where she had acquired most knowledge in her career, she decided to use her new business as a model of sustainability for the luxury industry. Now Andra, married to Jamie, half Canadian-half Dutch, has a new life, taking the lessons and fears of the past to shape a more sustainable, beautiful and culturally inclusive future for society at large.

Achievements Andra

  • Founder Younited Cultures
  • Winner Social Impact Start Stipend 2014
  • Winner Social Impact Start Award 2014
  • Networking Agent, Networking Youth Career
  • Marketing Responsible, Batliner
  • Export Manager LaRic Kosmetik, Vienna
  • Project Manger La Ric Kosmetik, Vienna
  • Happy Hub Maker -Impact Hub Vienna
  • MBA Sustainable Development & Management
  • Member Women Career Networking
  • Organizer In-Kind Hub Makers Festival & Design for Impact
  • Jury Sag’s Multi