Fabric Cotton and silk / Printing method digital printing / Made In Italy

Details All seasons scarf.
For orders from Vienna, we deliver personally.

Dimensions 60cm x 160cm

Iulia Mugescu, Romania


The “Celebrate Migration” scarf is the perfect way for a modern wo|man to raise awareness towards the positive side of migration on beautiful summer days. The squares show the uniqueness of each culture, coming together into a harmonious and dynamic pattern when combined.

On the YC scarf, my color is purple as I connect my cultural heritage to my source of creativity. Just as purple is the most powerful wave length in the rainbow, so do I see my cultural heritage in the definition of my success. My square is at the end of the scarf, being both a starting and an ending point for me.

IULIA’S STORY in a nutshell.

Iulia is the co-founder of Younited Cultures and a proud European, a female entrepreneur, a concept developer and an idealist. She is committed to creating opportunities for others: from coordinating teams, doing workshops and trainings, writing about immigration and entrepreneurship, coaching and mentoring. She is a fun person to be around, as she will most likely come up with a creative idea to wow you on the spot. Her creative endeavors have lead to her starting storytelling and transforming this into designs and fashion, as you could see in the YC collections starting with 2015.

Iulia’s Story

Some people search a lifetime for the perfect job. Others dedicate their lives to creating perfect jobs.

Born and raised in a small town in Transylvania, Iulia had a traditional Romanian path to success ahead of her. Her reasons for pride were good grades, a spot at university in a big city and good endorsements from various jobs in journalism and communication. In 2007, she found herself at a crossroads. Ideally torn between what youth could do for their society and their actual inactive role, she joined the global association AIESEC. Her wish became clear: to activate youth to take more responsibility for their future. After 3 years of working towards her goal and gaining a bachelor in marketing, Iulia felt the need for extensive exploration. Moving to Austria happened out of curiosity, with the deadline to return in within a year to her family in Romania and engage in a corporate career, resuming her traditional path. As a young immigrant, Iulia deepened into the issues of youth in Austria. A year turned out to be insufficient to fulfil her ambitions. She was committed to spend as much time as required until reaching the goal: creating meaningful jobs for youth and fighting against prejudice. In the position of president of AIESEC Austria, she found social entrepreneurship to be a good solution to her quest. In 2014, during a brainstorming for the (at the time) mere idea of Younited Cultures, Iulia felt a focus emerging for her entrepreneurial ideals. A creative solution to change the perception on migration was a theme she could resonate with, after now 5 years in Austria. She joined Andra to create beautiful products which tell stories and inspire to action; because Iulia believes in the power of storytelling as the best tool to better the world. Now, away from her Romanian path, she is telling the story of how your cultural background, language or childhood expectations should not be a barrier for achieving success, as she herself managed to prove.

Achievements Iulia

  • Co-founder Younited Cultures
  • Founder blog “Dupa Ureche”
  • Project Manager Lifecare Essentials
  • Speaker TedX Pannonia
  • Co-founder Implitude
  • Vice-president AIESEC Alumni Austria Association
  • Organizer 60 Years of AIESEC
  • Operations Manager Impact Hub Vienna
  • President AIESEC, Austria
  • Organizer PLAI Music Festival