Iulia Berger-Mugescu, Romania

founder YC, DOer, idealist, migrant

Some people search a lifetime for the perfect job. Others dedicate their lives to creating perfect jobs.


The Younited Cultures “Celebrate Migration” design was created by Iulia and Andra. Iulia describes the color purple on the scarf as her personal color, thus drawing a connection to her cultural background and the source of her creativity. Just as purple is the strongest wave in a rainbow, so is my cultural background in defining my success.


Iulia was born in a small town in Sebes, Romania. She studied marketing in Romania and is co-founder of Younited Cultures, a proud European, entrepreneur, concept developer, and idealist. She creates opportunities for others: coordinates teams, gives workshops and trainings, writes about immigration and entrepreneurship, coaches and advises. Iulia is a cheerful person, always full of good ideas that often surprise you. Her creative ambitions have led her to combine storytelling with her designs and fashion pieces – and later to co-found Younited Cultures.