Iulia Berger-Mugescu, Romania

founder YC, DOer, idealist, migrant

Some people search a lifetime for the perfect job. Others dedicate their lives to creating perfect jobs.


Iulia was born in Romania in a small town on the edge of Transylvania. She finalized her double studies in the areas of marketing/economics and nutrition/health and moved to Austria in 2010 to follow a career as a social entrepreneur. Besides her involvement with multiple social start-ups in Austria, Romania, and Germany as a consultant and operations manager, she became interested in the stories of immigrants across Europe. This passion for story-telling and design transformed over time and she co-founded Younited Cultures with the idea to bring a positive spin to the situations of so many people who had chosen an immigration journey.

In the last years, Iulia has made Austria her home and founded her family just north of Vienna. Besides her devotion to raising a multi-lingual and multi-cultural family, Iulia is still passionately dividing her time amongst her product management skills for a pharmaceutical company and her story-telling skills for Younited Cultures. She is ever so passionate to bring together people with various backgrounds and to develop products that inspire us to have better lives.

Her story is a statement of how diversity in languages, cultures, jobs, and in networks can prove to be a mix for success. The same way the colors come together on this scarf to create something joyful, her various life experiences join together as a basis for a happy migration story.

The Younited Cultures “Celebrate Migration” design was created by Iulia and Andra. The squares represent the uniqueness of each culture and fit into a harmonious pattern – just like cultures. Combine them and you get beauty, creativity, innovation and sustainable competition.

Iulia describes the color purple on the scarf as her personal color, thus drawing a connection to her cultural background and the source of her creativity.

“Just as purple is the strongest wave in a rainbow, so is my cultural background in defining my success”.

The Younited Cultures “Celebrate Migration” design was created by Iulia and Andra and was sustainably printed in Italy, at Lake Como.