We care about how society perceives immigrants. Because we are immigrants too. And we want to show that migration is about potential and possibility. Therefore, we just need to showcase it as such. We care that the media focuses only on the problems migration brings.

Any kind of bad behavior is linked to the migration background. Most of all, we don’t have information about positive role-models.  We want to change that! And we need to make that visible. Wear our stories and let us celebrate cultural diversity!

Growth factor 11,9 % of the population are migrants, a growing trend in Austria. This means 1 in 10 people have a strong story to tell or is in need of inspiration to break cultural barriers

Social impact Through our product we aim to identify and replicate successful stories of unity in diversity.

Contribution to society 1/ 3 companies are founded by migrants. Our main driver is promoting their added value to the economy and society.

Sustainability We carefully select sustainable and elegant fabrics which we design and then manufacture in Europe. Very elegant packaging and presentation.

Cultural DNA 49% of the Viennese have a migrant background. This is already part of the cultural DNA of the city. We want to embrace it and present this aspect in an elegant way.

One scarf for each cultureOur goal is to identify an impactful and inspiring success story for every culture and then tell it through a sustainable, locally made scarf.

Become an Ambassador All you have to do is pass on the message of celebrating migration and celebrating diversity! Wear a scarf and become part of the movement!