story telling

Fabric 30% silk / 70% cotton / Printing method Digital printing / Made In Italy

Details Limited Edition, all seasons scarf.

Dimensions 160cm x 60cm

Rebranding Migrants

Story telling is our main competence. Showing the positive side of migration is our passion and duty at the same time.  We help people share with us their journeys. We bring the best in them. We discover their stories and the cultural heritage and let others know about them. We invite them to make their stories visible and wearable. Why? Because we want to promote the positive side of migration.

We discover the positive stories and bring them to life.

Immigrants talk to us, share their history, draw what they imagine. We make fashion out of it.

Our story-telling process always follows the following steps:

1.Start with a story telling workshop.

We can have one person attending, if it is a powerful story. Sometimes we have larger groups of people who don’t know each other, but they share a common value. And other times, we do it for teams and companies.

First of all, each workshop is custom-made for the group. So we get to know the people and we prepare the process.

Some times we focus in depth on the story and try to discover all the emotions, fears, hopes and dreams. Other time we focus on the team-building aspect. Most of all, we look into getting to know each other and discover similarities and differences. All the times, it is an honest process. So we require openness and respect from all the participants.

We are there during the entire process, so that we can support. Moreover, we design a story-telling concept everyone can follow. So that on the end, we are all pleased with the result.

2.We create the design concept together.

Already in the workshop, we try to turn the story into something visual. There are various methods that we use. Contact us for more information.

3.We create the actual product.

Once we have decided on a final concept, we work our magic towards drafting a design and making a prototype. Furthermore, we can produce various types of scarves, socks but also other accessories, based on demand.

We want to offer you our guarantee that each product will be:
– sustainable
– fairly produced
– produced in with the EU
– 100% unique design
– limited edition
– a story telling product

4.We spread the story.

When we tell a story of a migrant, we tell it loud and clear. The storytelling only ends once we make sure your story has been heard. We use our PR networks to share your impact. We use our online channels and also other groups which might benefit from this inspiration. We create a packaging and fliers, additional information and everything you need. As a result, you should feel this product and the story we tell fully represent you or your company.

Since our cause is mainly to support young immigrants find their way in the society, we encourage you to do the same. We invest the profits in telling further migrant stories and promoting the positive image of migration.

In the end, you will wear your product and have a symbol of celebrating diversity.

Read about the stories we have told so far here.

2.We create the design concept together.

3.We create the actual product.