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Inspiring stories

We are not a fashion label. We are a statement label!

As we look for the people who matter, we turn them into role-models and ambassadors for migration. We guide everyone else to discover their stories. Most of all, our website is a collection of such stories. Also, all our products are a source of inspiration.

Social fashion is the concept which best describes what we do.
Each product we create tells a story. When we make it, we turn a story into reality. When we promote it, we promote the story behind it. When we sell it, we count the people who have been impressed by the story. Most of all, when we use the profits, we measure our impact on society. We choose to help immigrants, especially the young ones, find their way.

As a social fashion business, we consider every scarf you buy as a contribution to our impact.

We choose our stories and role models based on the following criteria:

1. Is the story positive and inspiring?

Do the stories of this person or group of people bring the change we want to see in the world? We show the positive impact and the journey: how society is better now, because of this story.

2. Are these stories related to cultural diversity, immigration or integration?

We look closely at each individual story. We focus on the good sides, on what brings spark of positive reactions. We focus on the facts that matter and on the details pointing towards celebrating diversity.

3. Can people replicate these stories?

We tell the stories in a way that is easily understood. We aim for these stories to be an inspiration for other migrants. We encourage our ambassadors to be the role-models for the younger generation.

Because the products we sell are in fact the stories we tell, we invest a lot in creativity. Opposite to other fashion businesses, we don’t use migrants as hard label to create the scarves. Rather, they inspire us and we involve them in the actual design and concept of the product.

Most of all, it is all about you knowing the reality of migration and having a clear image of what its value is. Our impact is your attitude towards migration.