Diversity Younited Cultures Diversität

Fabric Cotton and silk / Printing method digital printing / Made In Italy

Details All seasons scarf.
For orders from Vienna, we deliver personally.

Dimensions 60cm x 160cm

Our vision

Diversity is a success factor for any society. Therefore, we should create an environment which celebrates migration. We envision a world in which collaboration and respect are the standard for interaction.

Younited Cultures is a pro-diversity movement. We will know we have achieved our goals when:

– there will be equal work opportunities for everybody
– less violence, no more injustice based on cultural background
– the positive migrant role models will have space in the media

In short, this means promoting the image of migrants and immigrants. Our project came alive in 2014 from a multitude of factors: cases of prejudice and discrimination against immigrants happen far too often; stories of success, courage, overcoming fears and bringing a positive change are, in turn, not often enough brought to life. We want to turn this around. Therefore, we want to balance and favor the positive side of migration.

First of all, we need to look behind the statistics. Diversity is not just a word. Let’s all see the ambitions, hopes and fears of real people. They carry the values and learnings of their original culture. We see the chance to improve the world through telling these positive stories. We make beautiful products around their stories. We raise excitement about their impact.

Everyone can get their part of Younited Cultures and share these stories further. Moreover, you can attend impact events and celebrate diveristy. Also, you can buy a scarf and spread its story. Yet even better spread the joy around migration. Most of all, you can help us identify more diversity ambassadors.

Our goal is to identify an impactful and inspiring success story for every culture and then tell it through a sustainable, locally made scarf.

The vision is to turn Younited Cultures into a symbol of celebrating cultural diversity and we hope you are excited to be part of it!

Younited Cultures Designer Schal kaufen social fashion

Design brief

Every person has a different cultural background and a different colour. And these colours, coming together, create a visual harmony, which spreads the cheer of the symbolic crowd.

Impact Event YC

Promoting inspiring success stories of immigrants and making them visible. By doing that we want to encourage and help disadvantaged people with a migration background to live their own impact stories and overcome the challenges of integration caused by  discrimination on the labor market. We provide them with mentoring and expert advice.

How: we promote success stories of migrants and bring them into society. Through products and events that aim to show the positive side of migration, the migration side we know, but which is little promoted. We want to bring our contribution and make a statement against the bad name that immigrants have been constantly subject of due to negative press. We want to help. Join us!Read more about our workshops here: www.younitedcultures.eu/workshopIf you want to contribute please write an Email to iulia@younitedcultures.eu or register for our Newsletter to get updates.

Our story

Andra and I first met in the summer of 2013. That’s when our story began.  Two women sitting in an empty café, getting to know each other’s stories. How we felt about life in Vienna, how we got here and why we decided to stay. A first meeting, which lead to a second one. This time we YOUnited cultures_Shooting mit Lisi_Andra und Iulia_03_WEBstarted unveiling the challenges we had faced as migrants over time: exclusion from groups, rejection from jobs, the bad perception of us as migrants in general, a perception created by the mass-media and its effects on our successes. In time, these things turn into real issues, into problems of self-esteem, into lack of confidence, into wrong decisions.

The third meeting Andra had an idea, which she shared with me: the idea of Younited Cultures. Looking for input and feedback, she saw in me not just a good analytic and strategic person, but also a partner.  In order to create the world we were both envisioning, we discovered we both wanted the same thing: Why not turn things around for ourselves and people like ourselves? Why not show the positive successful migrant stories that we know about? The stories that the media never writes about, stories that inspYOUnited cultures_Shooting mit Lisi_Andra und Iulia_01_WEBire and give hope that we can change the perception about migration, by simply exposing these role-models to the general public? And why not do it in an elegant way?

Why not transport these stories through products, custom-made, based on the stories of these migrant role-models?  Stories that would not be forgotten and put back in the library shelf, but stories that you could constantly be reminded of, stories that were meant to be seen by people. And so it came to be a story on a scarf: beautiful elegant accessories that would send out the message of celebration of cultures.

Vlad Designer Schal kaufen social fashion tragenThe first stories came to life in the summer of 2014, followed by a first YC collection of accessories in 2015. The stories we collect turn into products, and the products turn back into stories as they are told and re-told by those who wear them. Wear a story! Wear & Care about showing the positive image of migrants. Let’s act. Let’s celebrate!